Why Specify HoldTight 102?

  • It KILLS Chlorides and STOPS Flash Rust in One Pass. It Leaves No Residue. It’s Good to Coatings.
  • a cost-effective alternative to single purpose, multi-step salt removal products
  • a coating-friendly and effective alternative to old fashioned nitrate, phosphate, film-forming, and solvent-based flash rust inhibitors
  • reams (or megabytes) of data and more than a decade of field experience to back it up



When Chlorides (or other contaminants) are a problem, HoldTight® 102 is a cost effective and reliable solution. If Flash Rust is an issue, HoldTight® 102 is THE answer. Cost Conscious? Check out our dilution ratios and consult us for estimating assistance. Using UHP? HoldTight® 102 will end the “good rust” vs “bad rust” dilemma and, used properly, will work with any equipment. If Coating Compatibility is a concern: ask Ameron, Carboline, Dampney, Hempel, Keeler & Long, PPG, Sherwin-Williams, Sigma, Tnemec, Wasser or most any other coating supplier and compare to other products: no nitrates, no phosphates, no solvents, no film, no residue, non-acidic, neutral pH when applied.

HoldTight® 102 has been tested for compatibility with many different types of atmospheric and immersion service coatings. Pull test values [p.s.i.] for typical coatings in a number of major categories are shown below. Contact us for more.