The DeFelsko PosiTector SST (soluble salt tester) is a sophisticated measuring device for surface ions conductivity, supplied to spec for HoldTight® products.

This user-friendly technology is versatile. It can be employed both before using HoldTight® 102 to determine the extent of surface contamination and after blasting/rinsing with HoldTight® 102-treated water to measure the cleanliness of the prepared surface.

The DeFelsko PosiTector SST is designed to make these measurements easy to obtain and record. Using this device expedites testing, verifies the quantity of ions on the surface, and allows for proper coating application on thoroughly cleaned steel.

This new, innovative technology will improve efficiency and timeliness of testing, compared to currently available testing equipment.

It is designed to meet applicable International Standard Organization (ISO) and U.S. Navy standards on conductivity before a coating is applied.

Flash Rust Prevention. On a Global Scale.