Ready for the harshest environments.

You can rely on HoldTight® to provide the cleanest surface possible—even in the saltiest of circumstances. Cleaning and protecting equipment that lives in a saltwater environment can be a very complicated process. HoldTight® 102 and 365 both help keep things simple, efficient and cost-effective. Cleaning with HoldTight® rids your ships, FPSOs, tugboats, platforms, bridges and other marine vessels of all contaminants (including salts and abrasives) and flash rust, leaving behind zero residue in the process.

Our signature HoldTight® 102 is the ultimate surface prep solution. Blasting water treated with HoldTight® 102 onto a surface prior to coating removes all naturally-occurring contaminants.
HoldTight® 102 also removes byproducts of the blasting process (shattered abrasives, dried paint) lodged within the profile of the surface, allowing for the optimal adhesion of the coating.
HoldTight® 102 has proven results at sea and is the only product that extends the life of your assets for just pennies per square foot.
HoldTight® 365 is the perfect companion to our HoldTight® 102 that keeps rust and corrosion off your marine equipment for up to one year, allowing your crew to work with maximum efficiency.
This new product can be applied to untreated surfaces as well as those already treated with HoldTight® 102.
It is easily applied by brush, spray or dipping and easily removed by high pressure washing with HoldTight® 102-treated water.