You can blast all day or even for 2 or 3 days – often 4 or 5 – before you have to stop, reorganize your setup, and paint. Holdtight® saves you
money by allowing for:

  • Fewer interruptions in the flow of the work
  • Fewer setups, switching and re-scheduling of crews and equipment

You can avoid multiple secondary abrasive or high pressure water blasts to remove the rust bloom or soluble salts.

  • Saves time, cleanup and disposal costs
  • Eliminates the need for sweep blasts, which generate dust

You can use less when you need less by adjusting the mix of HoldTight®102 to water.

  • Effective dilution ratios range from as little as one part HoldTight®102 to 250 parts water, to one part to 50 in some especially tough
  • Dilution ratios depend on the type of equipment you use, weather conditions, and the amount of contamination on the surface you are
  • Our recommendation: 1:50 or 100 on the final, quick wash down, which is standard operating procedure for all water-abrasive or vapor
    blasting and high pressure water blasting
  • Higher water pressures can also lead to less usage of HoldTight® 102
  • See our Application Guide, Coverage Document and Product Data Sheet or talk to our staff to figure out the most cost effective
    procedure for your applications.

HoldTight®102 is low-cost protection against premature coating failure.

  • Rapidly dries and removes contaminants, including soluble salts, and blast residue
  • Is much more effective than water alone, even UHP water blasting
  • Leaves a clean surface that permits a quality application
  • Evaporates off the surface with the water and leaves no residue, so painting can occur immediately after evaporation

HoldTight®102 can even improve the performance of surface tolerant coatings. These coatings are a great advance – but are primarily
intended to be used when you are unable to achieve at least a commercial blast (SSPC vis-1-89) or when you must use hand tools (SSPC vis 3). If
they are used on surfaces prepared to commercial blast or better, even surface tolerant coatings should not be applied over thick, uneven, and
inconsistent flash rust (e.g., a mix of soft red rust and light brown rust). (See the two SSPC standards just noted.) HoldTight®102 can eliminate
this problem. Consult with your coating supplier.

No other product, whether sold as a rust inhibitor or salt remover, has undergone such extensive testing (hundreds of coatings,
thousands of coupons, by dozens of coating manufacturers) and held up so well in so many years of field service (more than 30
years without a coating failure). That is in part because HoldTight®102 leaves no residue. And unlike other products, HoldTight®102 does
not leave conductive ions on the surface, which can interfere with coatings.

Flash Rust Prevention. On a Global Scale.