Summary of Comparative Testing

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HoldTight 102® Competitor A Competitor B
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Summary of Methodology

January 28, 2019

Woodson Engineering LLC directed Benchmark Labs to test panels prepared by Andrew Swan (as directed by Woodson) to analyze residue remaining after surface preparation with a pressure wash on white metal abrasive blasted steel. Benchmark Labs is a recognized expert for determining the residual of organic chemicals on steel substrates. Three sets of panels were pressure washed at 1,000 psi with 50:1 (DI water to chemical) diluted HoldTight 102, Competitor A and Competitor B. An analysis to determine if any residual chemical was present of the pressure washed panels was conducted with Agilent Gas Chromotography equipment.

Summary of Results

Analysis of each additive determined that each contained similar active ingredients. The concentration of this type of ingredient in HoldTight 102 was less than the concentration of similar active ingredients in both Competitor A and B. This is important as it could affect the amount of residue remaining on the test panels after pressure washing and evaporation.

A higher concentration of the active ingredient from a similar chemical family can also cause precipitate to form in the wet abrasive blast equipment that can impact the effectiveness of the equipment by potentially causing clumping of the abrasive in the pot or reducing the flow of water and abrasive.

Analysis of the panels prepared with HoldTight 102 determined that no residue was found. This confirms our long-standing claim that there is no residual 102 left behind after the water and 102 evaporate, thus not impacting the performance of subsequent coating systems. This also confirms and reinforces all the testing done by coating manufacturers to approve the use of 102 with their coating systems.

Analysis of the Competitor A panels found that there was a residual volatile organic chemical contamination left behind after evaporation. It appears to be a small amount and the exact chemical makeup of the residual has yet to be determined.

Analysis of the Competitor B panels found that it had the most organic chemical contaminants left behind and specifically that there were two different contaminants. Again, the exact chemical makeup has not yet been determined.

In summary, the Agilent Gas Chromatography testing performed by Benchmark Labs demonstrates that of the three salt removing/flash rust preventing additives tested, HoldTight 102 is the only additive that can claim to not leave residual contamination after application and evaporation.

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