Frequently Asked Questions About HT 365™

Does HT 365 need to be diluted in water like HoldTight 102?

No, HoldTight 102 is an additive for water, HT 365 is a coating, a preservation coating that is applied to bare steel to prevent corrosion for up to a year (365 days) depending on where the coated steel is stored.

If HT 365 is a preservation coating, how is it applied?

It can be applied in practically any way that you want, by airless or conventional spray equipment, brushing, rolling or dipping. It is applied in one thin coat at .5 mil dft. Please refer to the HT 365 Application Guide.

The film thickness is very thin; how can it provide the temporary protection desired?

HT 365 is based nanotechnology meaning that its constituents are very small, and they are attracted to bare steel which easily provides excellent coverage and protection for up to a year.

What happens if you apply too much HT 365?

Because the formulation is based on nanotechnology and is attracted bare steel, any coating that is thicker than .5 mil dft will either find bare steel else where or fall off the surface entirely. As a result, it is very difficult to overbuild HT 365.

Does HT 365 cure like other solvent based coatings?

Yes, it does, within 5 minutes in an open environment, most of the solvents will leave the HT 365 film and you will be left with a soft film that is not easily removed or displaced.

How do you remove HT 365 once you are ready to paint the bare steel with its permanent coating system?

This is the beauty of this preservation coating, if it must be removed, it can be removed with a pressure wash of clean water and HoldTight 102 to prevent the water from causing flash rust for typically 24-72 hours. Please refer to the HT 365 Application Guide.

Flash Rust Prevention. On a Global Scale.