How do you use HoldTight® 102?

It is easily added to the blast water of a wet abrasive blast rig, UHP water blaster or a pressure washer. Please see the Application Guide for more detail.

How long will the surface remain rust free after cleaning with HoldTight® 102?

Generally, two to four days depending on environmental circumstances such as precipitation, humidity, temperature, etc. Please see the Product Data Sheet.

Will the use of Holdtight® 102 interfere with coating adhesion?

Typically, not. Please see the “Compatibility” memo for many but not all of the coating manufacturers that have approved use of their products on surfaces cleaned with HoldTight® 102.


Is HoldTight® 102 nontoxic, biodegradable and able to be disposed of through typical sewers and bodies of water?

Yes, we have run several tests to verify these claims. See the Disposal memo and ask your HoldTight® representative for further testing information.

Water Quality

What level of water quality is recommended when using HoldTight®?

The quality of water is important to the effectiveness of HoldTight® 102. Please see the Tech Facts document.

What is the right dilution rate of water to HoldTight® 102 for my particular requirements?

Most times it is 100:1 (water to HoldTight® 102), but it can vary given the environment and conditions.

Does HoldTight® 102 contain VOCs?

No it does not, see the Tech Facts document for more detail.


Does HoldTight Solutions offer any other products other than HoldTight® 102?

Where is HoldTight® 102 manufactured and warehoused?

Houston, Texas

How do I purchase HoldTight products?

Through HoldTight’s extensive distributor network throughout the US and around the world. See the Find a Distributor page for exact distributor locations and contact information or contact us at 1.800.319.8802.

What if I have more questions, especially technical?

Call us at 713-266-9339, 800-319-8802 or email us at

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