Maximum cleaning power, lasting results.

Aging structures are not something to be taken lightly. Clean and maintain them with HoldTight® 102 and HoldTight® 365. Cleaning with HoldTight® cleans and rids your surfaces of salt and all other contaminants with zero residue or flash rust left behind. No matter the setting, HoldTight® is safe to use and has a proven track record of high endurance in the industrial field on concrete, steel, fiberglass and more!

Reduce the cost of maintenance, repainting and surface preparation by using the industry’s most trusted salt remover and flash rust preventer. HoldTight® 102 is a water treatment for wet abrasive blasting, vapor abrasive blasting and ultra-high pressure blasting that decreases the water’s surface tension, allowing it to get into the profile of the surface and remove ALL contamination.
HoldTight® 102 evaporates with the water, providing a surface that is thoroughly clean and flash rust free for 72 hours or more to ensure a tightly adhered coating. There is no other product that can do what HoldTight® 102 can do while only costing pennies per square foot!
HoldTight® 365 is the perfect companion to our HoldTight® 102 that keeps your industrial assets from falling to rust and corrosion. HoldTight® 365 is a new, thin film coating that can be applied to blasted surfaces to preserve the blast and prevent rust and corrosion for up to one year, giving you peace of mind that your surface is properly prepped for a quality coating!
It is easily applied by brush, spray or dipping and easily removed by high pressure washing with HoldTight® 102-treated water.