Clean surfaces simply don't rust, and no other product cleans like HoldTight®

Extend the life of any coating with HoldTight® 102—the ultimate surface prep solution. Reduce the costs of maintenance, repainting, and surface preparation by using the industry’s most trusted salt remover and flash rust preventer.

HoldTight® is a water treatment for wet abrasive blasting, vapor abrasive blasting and ultra-high pressure blasting that decreases the water’s surface tension, allowing it to get into the profile of the surface and remove ALL contamination, including salts, abrasives, light oils, and greases. HoldTight® leaves behind zero unwanted residue, and evaporates with the water, providing a surface that is thoroughly clean and flash rust free for 72 hours or more to ensure a tightly adhered coating.

Blasting water treated with HoldTight® onto a surface prior to coating removes all naturally-occurring contaminants (salts and conductives). HoldTight® also removes byproducts of the blasting process (shattered abrasives, dried paint) lodged within the profile of the surface, allowing for the optimal adhesion of the coating.

HoldTight® is safe and effective on a wide variety of surfaces, delivering superior surface preparation, with proven results on land, at sea, on storage tanks, on bridges, on drilling rigs, offshore production platforms and for specialty applications like restoring vintage cars. The cleanest surfaces are achieved when the product is used in both the blast and wash-down cycles at a 50 - 100 (water to HoldTight® 102) ratio. HoldTight® is the only product that extends the life and value of your assets for just pennies per square foot.

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