Benefits of Being a HoldTight Distributor

  • Distributors receive the best pricing tiers with increasing discounts as volume increases.
  • Distributors receive a 12-40% margin on wholesale price.
  • Distributor can use existing channels to move products but may develop new channels of distribution if needed.
  • Inquiries and referrals are sent only to stocking distributors.
  • Distributors have access to all of HoldTight’s technical and marketing support.

Qualifications and Responsibilities of being a HoldTight Distributor

  • Must have experience in selling the products of interest.
  • Must have a local office in the pursuing territory.
  • Must have a technical support and service team who are trained to provide professional maintenance and service for the products sold.
  • Must have approved space to receive and ship HoldTight products.
  • Must add the HoldTight “Authorized Distributor” logo and/or product information on company website, where appropriate.
  • Must maintain a staff capable of promoting, demonstrating, selling and delivering HoldTight products in accordance with the highest standards.

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